Joanna Jablonski

Code, Words, People


I love working in developer education because I like code, words, and people.

I spend my time:

  • Using my programming knowledge and writing skills to be a bridge between developers and learners

  • Creating clear, helpful resources that are easy to navigate and enjoyable to use

  • Training my team members so that they can excel at their current projects and take on new ones

Let’s help developers together.


Python Tutorials

As the Executive Editor of Real Python, I have planned, written, reviewed, edited, and published over 300 tutorials about the Python programming language. Check out my profile at Real Python to learn more.

I’ve also worked with subject matter experts to:

  • Design learning paths that help learners progress in a way that is structured and effective

  • Plan our wider curriculum to make sure that it meets the varied needs of learners

Python Books

As the Executive Editor of Real Python, I’ve worked on books that have made a big impact on both beginner and advanced Pythonistas:

Python Basics: A Practical Introduction to Python 3

I co-authored this book and did project management as I took it through the publishing process.

The first half is a quick but thorough overview of all the Python fundamentals. You don’t need any prior experience with programming to get started, and we’ll teach you everything you need to know, step-by-step.

The second half focuses on solving interesting, real-world problems with Python. Once you have the fundamentals down, you’ll progress quickly by following along with our hands-on coding exercises and projects.

CPython Internals: Your Guide to the Python 3 Interpreter

I was one of two reviewers for this book aimed at advanced Pythonistas. I also did project management and took it through the publishing process.

With this book, you’ll cover the critical concepts behind the internals of CPython and see how they work with visual explanations and hands-on exercises.

Each page in this book has been carefully laid out with beautiful typography, syntax highlighting for code examples, and instructional illustrations so you can process and memorize the information effectively.

Python’s Official Documentation

Documentation is important. If your documentation is the first point of contact that potential users have with your project, then it has a big job to do. It needs to:

  • Make learning easy for your users

  • Pitch your product

  • Build trust

I want documentation in open source to be better, and I love the Python community, so I'm on the editorial board for Python's official documentation. I’ve learned a lot in the process, and it’s gotten me into using Sphinx, which I used to make this page before I customized it with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

Python Language Summit

Every year, a small group of core developers from Python implementations such as CPython, PyPy, Jython, and more come together to share information, discuss problems, and seek consensus in order to help Python continue to flourish.

The Python Language Summit features short presentations followed by group discussions. The topics can relate to the language itself, the standard library, the development process, documentation, packaging, and more!

Because this is a closed event, the Python Software Foundation contracted me to attend as a technical journalist and write a series of articles about all of the presentations that were given so that the wider Python community can stay more closely involved in the future of the language.


I love natural languages just as much as I love programming languages, and that shows in my formal education as well as my self-directed learning. I’m usually taking some kind of course on something that I’m curious about.

Here are some of the courses that I’ve found most useful:

I’m also interested in information architecture and am currently working as CircleCI's first information architect. I've found the book Information Architecture: For the Web and Beyond quite useful.

Before I was working in developer education, I worked in translation, which is what I studied at university. As a result, I:

  • Value written communication that is clear, accurate, and appropriate for its context

  • Have experience navigating the nuances of cross-cultural communication

Interestingly, I’ve found that translation and software development are quite similar. They’re both puzzles that require you to say exactly what you mean, no more no less.


I’ve had the pleasure of working with some remarkable people. Here’s what some of them had to say:

Martin Breuss

Lead Python Instructor and Head of Curriculum Development at Coding Nomads

I greatly appreciate learning from Joanna while contributing to the technical tutorials published at Real Python. She has an impressive understanding of the bigger-picture learning needs of the Python community. Joanna consistently re-assesses curricula and steers the content creation at Real Python in the best possible direction. She is also the driving force behind the high-quality pedagogical and writing standards at Real Python and is helping a large and growing base of technical writers to improve their skills and general quality of work.

Joanna is able to do all this not only because of her background as a linguist, language professional, editor, and team leader but also because of her own technical skills as a Python programmer.

Joanna’s comprehensive understanding of the field regularly informs my own decisions regarding consistent quality for pedagogic content in programming education. The Real Python team has a wide reach and high-profile authors, and Joanna’s consistently excellent and insightful feedback to them means that her direction improves the writing standards for technical content on software development far beyond the resources at Real Python.

André Burgaud

Sr. Manager, Development at SPS Commerce

I have known Joanna for the past two years since I started writing articles for Real Python. Joanna has been my leader (editor, project manager, trainer, publisher…) to plan and successfully deliver the Python tutorials that I wrote.

Her talents go far beyond editing articles. Joanna handles the tasks of recruiter, mentor, publisher, writer, teacher, trainer, and leader. When you work with Joanna you are in good hands, you can follow her guidance and focus on your writing.

She has been a driving force behind the success of Real Python. I have learned a lot under Joanna’s coaching and she has changed forever the way I approach writing.

I have tremendous respect for what she does and who she is, and I remain impressed by her multiple talents.

Jim Anderson

Senior Firmware Architect at Motorola Solutions

In my work with Joanna at Real Python, she has reviewed and edited several of articles I’ve been involved with. In each of them she’s brought a high level of skill to the job, both in the technical and the editorial sense.

While her abilities to thoughtfully and tactfully address issues of grammar and tone are excellent, the biggest benefit the team gains is from her leadership. Joanna is part of the core or a large and far-flung group of editors, writers and artists who come together to make an excellent product for our readers. She has led by example, showing patience, kindness, and tact while delivering feedback in all forms.

I have personally learned a great deal from Joanna, not only about writing and grammar, but also about team-building and communication.

Alex Ronquillo

Product Language Writer at New Relic, Inc.

It is a privilege to work with Joanna on my articles at Real Python. She is a humble leader, providing a knowledgeable voice of guidance while often asking us authors for our opinions on how she can improve her processes. She’s helpful, a great communicator, and dedicates herself to her craft.

One of her greatest strengths is her trust in her team. She is responsible with her task delegation and empowers authors, editors, and reviewers with opportunities.

I am a better author, reviewer, developer, and leader because of Joanna. She inspires me to be a better contributor to Real Python and every team I’m part of.

Anthony Shaw

Senior Open Source Advocate (Python and Cloud) at Microsoft

Joanna is a rare talent. She has an uncanny ability to analyse complex technical writing, coach the writing team, and put the whole team in the shoes of the reader. All of the content on Real Python that Joanna has been involved with editing has such a high standard, you can tell by reading it whether Joanna was involved. I’ve learnt a lot from Joanna over the years.


Feel free to reach out and send me a message: